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    > Jens or BenH eh? ;)

    ...or Salva? :-)

    "The vampire fpga is up to this point an illegal product, that did not pay licences on behalf of their own quote in a Video to HDMI organisation, Amiga OS, Kickstart, Intel, Motorola, P96 and they do not have any legal WEEE Nr. registration needed to have a license to sell any electonical product like a simple toaster, nor do they have a legal company and tax and vat numbers and a lot lot more of braking laws and fault plays that we are going to show off briefly in a statement to open the eyes to the Amiga Community seemingly totally blended by guys that are promising things like walking on water and turning water into wine, believing every single word like a 2 years old baby."

    "What we are going to have is a briefly statement regarding fpgas. Those who think they can use lies and missleading information to undermine native 68k and even PPC products on a large scale in public to sell their product, must expect some reaction and we will do this in a lot of terms starting now."
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