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    >> The link I was referring to was the one you posted on 30/06.
    >> https://blog.alb42.de/2017/06/29/an-replacement/

    > I know. And that's where I think the new ASM SoftFPU was benchmarked,
    > not the FreePascal SoftFPU.

    I stand corrected. It was indeed the FreePascal SoftFPU benchmarked there, with some comparison to the ASM SoftFPU in the last paragraph. I guess that's what had me confused, beside the naming as 'SoftFPU' for both solutions by the author of the article.
    Finally, there's now a benchmark comparison of the ASM SoftFPU (meanwhile called 'femu') vs. the FreePascal SoftFPU running on Vampire by the same author:

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