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    What about WEEE and CE? I mean if e.g. Amigakit sells them outside the EU they need to have a WEEE certificate for each EU country/region they sell to (if the producer doesn't supply a WEEE registration for the according countries). If e.g. they sell a Vampireboard to a German customer and it doesnt come with a WEEE DExxxxxxxx but a UKxxxxxxxx number it violates EU rights and must not get sold. I am myself in the vice versa situation (I have (well, *had*) a few UK customers and currently cannot supply them legally with goods). It's not only expensive moneywise, but also pretty expensive in time/work to do all these registrations. Good for Amigakit: in the UK they don't have the German Abmahnsystem.
    As much as I like the EU the bureaucracy is hillarious!

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