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    OlafSch wrote:

    asrael22 schrieb:
    The current distribution model they have gives them (whoever 'them' is, I can't tell really) some advantage over companies like Individual Computers and others.
    Because AFAIK I don't really have any warranty or the extended warranty of two years for my Vampire, that re-sellers have to give in Germany over products like this.
    I don't think they have much work todo, yet, to repair defective boards or send replacements and the like.
    Once they do that the development will slow down a bit I think.

    And for the standalone or A1200, when the stuff gets more expensive, I think I won't buy if there is no warranty.


    you get 2 years of warranty for electronic goods in germany?

    That is new to me :)

    I only know that in certain cases you can get 2 years by paying more. Normal is one year as far as I know

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    As has been said, not only in Germany. 2 years of warranty for electronic good in whole EU.
    That's the standard here.


    could it be that you mix two different things?


    as I understand it 2 years to repair things that were wrong from beginning when you bought it

    but if product was ok and problem arises only one year
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