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    Intuition wrote:

    In 2009 my elderly mother in law took her MBP with the known faulty nvidia 8600MGT chip to the Apple store for repair. It was 13 months old. They charged her 350+VAT to replace the logic board stating that "Apple policy is 12 months warranty, it doesn't matter what the EU says".

    She's old and just paid it. When mine started showing the same fault I threatened them with lawyers and got it replaced for free eventually but not before a huge stand up row with the 12yr old store manager.

    Hmm, that's unfortunate.
    I had the same MBP and Apple replaced the logic board without cost after more than 2 years.
    I'd probably say it may depend on the people in the store and how the management operates there.
    I wouldn't necessarily put that on Apple.

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