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    Jim wrote:

    Intuition wrote: That American freedom to be screwed over by corporations is really appealing! ;)

    Is there any great difference between here and Great Britain (except you DO get healthcare)?

    Sadly we are becoming more and more like the USA. Free healthcare will be gone soon enough if these terrorist funding bastards that currently rule over us get their way.


    I'm just surprised that re-seller have to offer an additional warranty period in Germany.
    That rather dumps the responsibility on the sellers rather than the manufacturers.

    And one year, two years, eh...it will just break right outside the two years mark, because everything is disposable crap anymore.

    It's not a German thing it's a European thing. We all get two year warranty on electrical goods. American companies here always tell us we get one year though, Apple are the worst for trying to get out of it.
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