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    ppcamiga1 wrote:
    Natami was announced in 2008 as something faster than ppc, something faster than uae on fast pc.
    After many years of lies and false promises vampire is still two times slower than slowest ppc cards for amiga.
    Slower than commodore protypes.
    And also slower than uae from year 2000 on pc from year 2000.
    One hundred times slower than what was announced in 2008.
    It's a really big disappointment.
    Natami/apollo/vampire is bigest scam in entire amiga history.


    amigadave wrote:
    Unless you can provide proof for your statements above, I will just assume you are the liar, and someone who has an unhealthy obsession of trying to hurt Gunnar for some unknown reason,

    Checking web archive, checking web archive, still checking web archive. Checked. It still works.
    Version of natami site from 2008 available.


    along with your obsession for trying to convince the Amiga and MorphOS communities to switch to Unix based hosted NG solution.

    x86. Dear Dave You want to change API to not compatible with old apps, and still no memory protection and unix compatibility?
    Your brain has malfunction. You need to visit specialist.


    "Slower that commodore protypes" (I guess you mean prototypes) which never existed, and you cannot provide any proof of them or the benchmarks they could run.

    Checking, checking, search function on morph.zone available. Thats all about progress on hombre in Commodore.

    Good old HP PA-RISC 7100 is good old HP PA-RISC 7100. It was not exclusive to C=.
    Get used HP hardware with PA-RISC 7100 and do some test on You own.


    "Slower than uae from year 2000 on a pc from year 2000" means nothing, unless you provide which pc, and benchmarks to prove your statement.

    JIT for uae was available in year 2000. Check some Amiga sites You easily get news about that.
    After that dear Dave buy Pentium 233 MHz and do tests.
    I know it is hard to You to accept that amiga community has cheap and compatible x86 solution better than crappy AROS, since year 2000, but dear Dave if You have problem with reality it is Your problem not reality.


    "One hundred times slower than what was announced in 2008" Really?!? Show me what was announced in 2008, and how it could be 100 times faster than what the Vampire can do today.

    Use web archive, then google, then search on amigaworld. Key words are G4 200 600 MHz.

    "It's a really big disappointment"

    "Natami/apollo/vampire is bigest scam in entire amiga history"

    It is scam of course. Natami/apollo/vampire is far away from what was announced 10 years ago.
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