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    amigadave schrieb:
    [...] The A1200 was the most popular Amiga model AFTER the A500, and I would guess the A1200's were used longer into the 1990's, than the A500's, due to having AGA. I think that more former Amiga users might have kept their A1200's, while many of the A500's were sold, or eventually (and sadly) put in some trash bin.

    For what I gathered from other forums the market is growing because of people returning to the Amiga. People who had one in the late 80ies, early 90ies and sold it. As I said an A1200 does not make much sense when they can have AGA via the Vampire (if they do know what AGA is when they left the scene before that time). Users who kept their A1200 all the time, or bought one before the Retro-Boom (like myself) are the ones who already pimped it up through the years. Only the most enthusiastic will trash their accelerators, now as the resale-value went down, and put a Vampire A1200. But of course my assumptions may be wrong. Time will tell. ;-)


    [...] As others have stated, any new software written for Amiga 68k will probably also run on MorphOS3.9 and AmigaOS4.1FE, either natively with their translation layers, or under emulation, if the new software needs the Amiga custom chips. So, in at least a small way, the Vampire project appears to give a small boost to all parts of the Amiga community, and that in itself is a feat that not many other projects can claim to have done.

    Yes, that's pretty nice. All recent SDL-ports which started on the Vampire, and need optimization for that hardware, have no speed problems at all on MorphOS machines. :-D
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