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    Jim wrote:

    ppcamiga1 wrote:
    68060 speed, no MMU, no FPU, no 3D.
    There will be no revolution. Vampire is too slow, too overpriced for people outside Amiga community.
    Market will saturate, and sales will drop.
    For Amiga NG users Amiga OS 4 and MOS still offer better performance.

    They have just demo'd a soft fpu package that, while it isn't as fast as an '040 or '060 fpu, is faster than a 68882.
    MMU I'm not that worried about.
    And unless you go RTG, 68K doesn't really have 3D.

    I'm surprised they sold 4000 without saturating the market.
    How many functioning Amigas are left on the planet?

    And of course PPC NG users get better performance.
    You're preaching to the choir again.

    @Cego, NO, just plain NO! Don't try to preach fantasy crap here, stick with the facts and reasonable opinions please. MorphOS users already have a better solution for running Amiga 68k software natively, and games through E-UAE. Unless a MorphOS user still has an old Amiga computer stored somewhere, they are not likely to become a Vampire customer.

    @ppcamiga1, Your just pissed off that the Vampire is such a success, and has sold almost as many products as the entire PPC NG Amiga communities combined (I predict that they will easily surpass all AmigaOne and MorphOS sales, if they ever release an A1200 version of the Vampire). Get it through your head that the Vampire is not directly competing against PPC NG Amiga-like systems, and no matter how much fud you try to spread about the Vampire and Gunnar, no one is listening, and the users seem to be happy as they can be with the product and the progress being made.

    @Jim, just think how much the sales will increase once they come out with an A1200 version of the Vampire, or the stand alone unit. There are probably still millions of Amiga computers still being used or stored by current and former Amiga users. Sure, most of the remaining working Amiga computers are held by a few thousand Amiga hoarders (like me, though I have paired down my collection in recent years, Trevor Dickinson, and many others, who have a dozen or more Amigas in their collections. In Trevor's case, it is dozens and dozens of old computers in his collection).

    Personally, I don't think that the Apollo guys are even getting close to saturating the market for the Vampire products, but I do agree that there is almost zero interest in a Vampire accelerator outside the existing active Amiga community, or former Amiga users who still have an Amiga or two stored in their attic, basement, or the back of their closet.

    The hardest part to keep sales going will probably be figuring out how to get the news about the Vampire accelerators out to those former Amiga users who might have unused Amiga computers stored somewhere in their house, or their parents houses, and enticing them into bringing those Amigas out to play again.

    One of the greatest thing about the Vampire products is that development appears to be very active, and it will continue to get better in the future.
    MorphOS - The best Next Gen Amiga choice.
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