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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > it doesn't even feature a cache yet

    It does feature a 16kiB I-cache and a 32kiB D-cache:


    Cool. This thing evolves quicker than I can keep track.
    That is a definite plus for it scaling higher.

    I've always felt somewhat cautious about Gunnar's tendency toward hyperbole, his somewhat scatter-shot focus, and the feature creep (and occasional premature promises), BUT as this is shaping up its hard not to give the development team the credit they are due.
    And they are advancing my all time favorite microprocessor.

    Since it can already run AROS 68K, they questions about it being able to handle backported NG OS' no longer seem as unrealistic as they once might have.

    Anyone feel like a return to the 68K?
    I'd love to see a Amiga-like OS with a micro kernel.

    And it might be...fun.
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