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    I am waiting until next month to order my own Vampire500 v2 board, and have not yet decided which old Amiga of mine to install it into. If it fits into my CDTV and still allows the case to be closed and look stock, as well as allows the CD drive to be used and run all of the original CDTV software, I will probably put it in that system. If not, I will probably install it into one of my A1000 systems, which is my favorite computer case design of all time.

    I was wondering how many MorphOS users are planning on, or who have already purchased a Vampire600, or Vampire500 accelerator board, or if any members here are waiting to purchase the stand alone Vampire board, or the Vampire1200, if/when they are available for sale? Many people think that the stand alone Vampire board will be the next design to be produced.

    The V500 board currently fits the CDTV with a special riser, which is not available yet.
    See some pictures from a teammember: https://goo.gl/photos/CkMyi5ebcLerkQBF7
    Also the CD drive isn't working yet, since the bootroms aren't mapped.
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