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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > they're never going to be able to create hardware that can compete with
    > modern AMD gpus.

    Not that they would ever want to do that, but theoretically, they could provide a PCIe slot or an onboard AMD GPU. Of course, they would also have to provide a PCIe controller for that (in the FPGA or elsewhere).

    For Vampire, that is not goal. Goal is to improve SAGA to max.
    Standalone and beyond will have larger FPGAs so then we can see how they
    will solve PCI-E, other drivers etc. Currently that is not a goal,
    neither an issue.

    Easiest route would be just to use old PCI bus and Warp3D 68k compatibile hardware
    as W3D is free. Problem is simple: for any further drivers then old
    Voodos and Virges you have to talk to AmigaKit/AEON/Hyperion entity.
    Also some 68k gems are also purchased by AAH too ...
    iMac G5 1GB with MorphOS and MacOS X
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