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    A good share of MorphOS software is still maintained, the devs are still around. They will probably port their titles to MorphOS x64. Another good share is open source/ports which will find their way to x64, too. If MorphOS x64 will have a not too different API porting will be quick.
    And what's the alternative - sticking with the dead ISA?
    I guess most MorphOS users/devs will make the jump once MorphOS x64 is there. At least I am ready and willing to contribute.

    Its likely there will be a new x64 board needed. While I understand voyage continues, as long as possible PPC updates will be good too. Buying new MOS 4.x licenses, new hardware and waiting for new software, for some time might be harder route then using what we have.

    Once its really complete (software ports, drivers, SMP, whatever) I dont mind ditching PPC, but mind
    user perspective meanwhile.
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