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    jPV wrote:
    I think the problem with the 68k FPGA buzz is that those users, and people hyping after it, are still using some other platform for their daily computing, they just make noise and jump around, but do they really use their systems after they have finally got it? For other than benchmarking, occasional tests/tuning, or classic gaming? I feel not. I think these projects are left as a curiosity for many of them, until they get another new gadget to fuss around. It's a shame it's dragging attention from the systems which have been really progressing somewhere (in comparison) and aren't just left for nostalgia and "because you can" systems.
    If there would be complete 68k systems without bottlenecks and with all the modern features, and getting more powerful than PPC options, maybe MorphOS could be ported to such a system then :) But it really would need the new HW outperforming the current options...

    I dont see it as "Google Watch" or "Google Glasses" type of useless gadgets.
    First, currently it brings life and usability to Classics, and with standalone
    might offer kind of "new Classic better" (MIST and FPGA Arcade had only 00/020 cores).

    But, Vampire is really going that way you are describing, its just not as fast as desired
    for a small team. But is also a showcase willing people can do much.

    Surely it faces some obstacles when going back to last OS 3.x software,
    that is often in worse shape then some MOS and OS4 developments that went on over time. At same time,
    some real productivity software works out of box (everything chipset bond) and you finally get ... what was really Amigan dream - faster CPU, 16-bit sound and having improved native chipset, no real need for 3rd party solutions and keeping compatibility.

    Surely, its laughable from G4+ perspective at the moment, by even on Aminet you can see more games coming
    and OS 3.x software slowly getting updated and AROS 68k progressing like no time before.
    "Weak knee" is Amiga state of affairs where no companies survived to exploit
    a new 68k world.

    Vampire standalone will have all your wishes except MOS and faster then PPC (yes, per clock and mem transfers) but once they put it on a 1Ghz ASIC it can "kill" a G3, who knows maybe G4 and my PA Semi single-core.
    That is a long route that requires A1200 and standalone to sell well and finding investors
    to do a silicon chip and real boards. Mainly, all to that point is gaining experience
    and tweaking core.

    Yes, those owners already have "other system" but none of NGs have gone to needed
    productivity software in terms of Office to really become "daily computer".

    As Vampire flock grows, MorphOS 3.x 68k port would be interesting, I would buy that too
    as e.g. Turbo Print is included (which alone costs 80e), MUI is updated, love the Reggae etc.

    Also backporting MOS drivers to 68k MOS would enable future Vampires to have some library of hardware.

    If MOS 68k backport never happens (unlikely as OS4 backport) AROS will become its main OS very soon.
    iMac G5 1GB with MorphOS and MacOS X
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