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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > they're never going to be able to create hardware that can compete with
    > modern AMD gpus.

    Not that they would ever want to do that, but theoretically, they could provide a PCIe slot or an onboard AMD GPU. Of course, they would also have to provide a PCIe controller for that (in the FPGA or elsewhere).

    When stated like that is sounds simple.
    I used to sell 68K systems that had an ISA bus, and that isn't that hard to design, as older expansion bus slots like ISA (XT or AT) or Zorro are pretty much just an extension of the processor bus.
    When I looked at PCI, I realized how much more complicated that structure is.
    PCIe, being serial, is one step more difficult.

    AND, we are talking about a team that hasn't managed to finish their fpu yet. ;-)

    So, can Gunnar build a 68K to PCIe interface, AND then find someone to create the drivers from the OS' that need to use it (and the drivers for the new video cards that don't have existing 68K drivers).

    Not impossible, but I won't hold my breath.

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