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    At least I don't have a slightest interest to go back to 68k/OS3 system... raw power and some 3rd party development (is there that much afterall?) doesn't still make it a pleasant experience after you have used to MorphOS and all the nice things it has over the old AmigaOS. OS still matters (as well as other software) if you're going to actually use it, or even think to use it as your daily main system. It would need miracles on the OS front to get me interested again of new 68k systems.

    I think the problem with the 68k FPGA buzz is that those users, and people hyping after it, are still using some other platform for their daily computing, they just make noise and jump around, but do they really use their systems after they have finally got it? For other than benchmarking, occasional tests/tuning, or classic gaming? I feel not. I think these projects are left as a curiosity for many of them, until they get another new gadget to fuss around. It's a shame it's dragging attention from the systems which have been really progressing somewhere (in comparison) and aren't just left for nostalgia and "because you can" systems.

    If there would be complete 68k systems without bottlenecks and with all the modern features, and getting more powerful than PPC options, maybe MorphOS could be ported to such a system then :) But it really would need the new HW outperforming the current options...

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