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    Simon schrieb:
    Considering Amigakit suddenly became a reseller for APollo accelerators I wouldn't be suprised that at some point A-eon is going to produce 68k compatible fpga hardware at some point in cooperation with them pushing OS4 ( and MorphOS ) to the background. 68k fpga is THE hype for the moment in Amigaland and does hurt both PPC nextgen amiga flavors imho. Like it or not, interest is shifting away from both OS4 and MorphOS these days. They are in the same boat for now.

    So I kind of wonder where A-eon is going to be in let us say 5 years. Still producing hardware that only insane Amigans with either deep pockets buy ( or those that spend their last penny on it ) or go with the 68k flow or not bother anymore with OS4 or MorphOS.

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