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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Establishing copyright licenses directly with individual developers was how they
    > managed to circumvent the legal/license nightmare situation concerning H&P's 3.9

    Yes, that's exactly what Hyperion did :-)

    Scary, isn't it? At least it would be, if we were shareholders in this.
    Two companies, one with a (rather threadbare) claim to the right to develop from 3.1, the other (with probably not that much more validity) that claims ownership of the Amiga operating system.
    Both trying to license what they don't think they already have the rights to.
    And they both have filed for the copyrights (as has Matt @ AmigaKit).

    What a total flying fecal storm. ;-)

    Like I said before, Bigfoot urged me recently to stock up on popcorn (although that should be something everyone in the community should keep in stock).
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