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    So...your input?

    Another 30 minutes of your life you'll never get back.


    Actually...the losses seem to be mounting here. ;-)


    Simon wrote:...I kind of wonder where A-eon is going to be in let us say 5 years. Still producing hardware that only insane Amigans with either deep pockets buy ( or those that spend their last penny on it ) or go with the 68k flow or not bother anymore with OS4 or MorphOS.

    Well, in a few years we should have migrated to X64, plus there has to be a limit to how much of a market 68K based hardware can attract, after all its got performance limitations.


    amigadave wrote:...I don't agree with Jim that having A-Eon/AmigaKit as the owner of the AmigaOS4 ip might be harmful for future development and diversity. Both companies have shown their support of all Amiga-Like platforms in the past, so I strongly doubt that they would make decisions in the future that would be harmful for any one platform, just to increase their support of AmigaOS4. I realize that there are many Amiga users out there that have developed a dislike for A-Eon/AmigaKit, believing that they are creating a monopoly of Amiga options, and are too interested in commercial success, instead of giving things away for free (which sadly is what too many users think should be the Amiga norm).

    I may not always agree with all of A-Eon/AmigaKit's decisions or marketing strategies, but I also don't think that either Matthew or Trevor have any ambitions that are harmful for the community. They are just two Amiga enthusiasts that are doing what they think is the best ways to grow and maintain our community, be their decisions right or wrong, from time to time.

    Sorry for not addressing all of it David.
    Well folks, this is the well phrased, positive outlook on the situation.
    AND, Trevor has helped our developers obtain hardware.

    So, my posted concern could just be overblown paranoia based on AmigaKit poor support of its resellers (and I'm not going to refer to this as a strategy, Matt's service to US customers just isn't that good).

    But David is a better man than me (many of you are, that's why I listen to you)...so, the optimistic view. ;-)

    Hey, either way, we are not De Groot (that's supposed to be a bad pun, but it doesn't work for me either).

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