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    Jim wrote:
    BUT, here's how its always gone before...you wake up one day, check the sites, and its posted as available.
    Frustrating, isn't it? ;-)

    Not frustrating to me, but I guess some users get frustrated by the lack of timely updated news regarding when an OS is going to get a new version. 3.9 works well now, and I for one am not planning on purchasing an X5000, so the release of 3.10 is not that important to me. Sure, I would like to see it happen as soon as possible, to see what new features the Dev. Team has come up with, but using 3.9 now is satisfying my needs for MorphOS, and I don't mind not knowing an exact date when 3.10 will be released. At least we have some information about what 3.10 is going to have included in it, which is I think more than the users of AmigaOS4 get from Hyperion Entertainment. I'm completely in the dark about what is going on with OS4 development (if anything), and only A-Eon/AmigaKit seem to be making regular progress with their "Enhancer" software for OS4. How many years has Hyperion been working on AmigaOS4.2? Still no information on when it will be finished, or even any info that the features promised for 4.2 are being worked on by anyone.

    Hyperion is a joke, so I think that anyone other than them would be an improvement as the owner and developer of AmigaOS4. I disagree with TMHG, and don't think that Colanto has any interest in obtaining the rights to develop AmigaOS4 from Hyperion. I think that Colanto is doing quite well selling and doing small development improvements for AmigaOS3.x, and they don't need the headaches that come with AmigaOS4 development. After all, the market for AmigaOS3.x is still many times larger than the market for AmgiaOS4 and AmigaOne hardware. Colanto rightly realizes that there is also still value in the Amiga trademarks and copyrights, so they have been active in obtaining as many of them as they can, since Amiga Inc. is almost nonexistent, and Hyperion is mostly incompetent and unaware.

    I don't agree with Jim that having A-Eon/AmigaKit as the owner of the AmigaOS4 ip might be harmful for future development and diversity. Both companies have shown their support of all Amiga-Like platforms in the past, so I strongly doubt that they would make decisions in the future that would be harmful for any one platform, just to increase their support of AmigaOS4. I realize that there are many Amiga users out there that have developed a dislike for A-Eon/AmigaKit, believing that they are creating a monopoly of Amiga options, and are too interested in commercial success, instead of giving things away for free (which sadly is what too many users think should be the Amiga norm).

    I may not always agree with all of A-Eon/AmigaKit's decisions or marketing strategies, but I also don't think that either Matthew or Trevor have any ambitions that are harmful for the community. They are just two Amiga enthusiasts that are doing what they think is the best ways to grow and maintain our community, be their decisions right or wrong, from time to time.
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