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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    These were Amiga Inc's trademarks, not Hyperion's. Amiga Inc. merely allowed Hyperion to use these marks. It's Amiga Inc. who let these marks expire.

    Yes, as Andreas stated above, they were Amiga Inc.'s trademarks, not Hyperion's, and it was the negligence, and/or incompetence, of Amiga Inc. and Hyperion's lack of staying on top of what is happening with their licensed trademarks. Only Colanto seems to be paying close attention to such matters, and immediately acting, when others fall asleep at the wheel.

    Does anyone here really think that anything has changed with regards to who has the final say regarding anything to do with AmigaOS development? No matter what documents get filed and recorded with government offices, I am sure that Ben Hermans still has tight control over the future of AmigaOS4.x, which is unfortunately bad news for all AmigaOS4.x users. For MorphOS users, it makes little, or no difference, who is making decisions about AmigaOS4.x development, or who is in control of the old Amiga trademarks, which makes this whole thread sort of pointless and uninteresting for typical MorphOS users, but I guess some people get entertainment value from keeping informed about what certain people/companies do, or don't do.
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