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    > Recently, Hyperion forgot to reapply for its trademarks on 'AmigaOS' and the Boing Ball,
    > and they expired.
    > http://www.amiga-news.de/en/news/AN-2017-04-00033-EN.html

    These were Amiga Inc's trademarks, not Hyperion's. Amiga Inc. merely allowed Hyperion to use these marks. It's Amiga Inc. who let these marks expire.
    The relevant passage from your link:

    "Hyperion [...] applied for AmigaOS, BoingBall and AmigaOne. These trademarks, which had not or no longer been registered before, were originally licensed to Hyperion in the 2009 settlement agreement with Amiga, Inc. - apparently Hyperion's management operates under the assumption that Amiga, Inc. will be unable or uninterested in defending these marks [...]."

    > Cloanto moved in, presumably to save them from going to IP squatters.

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