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    KennyR wrote:
    Hermans is very clearly still around. Recently, Hyperion forgot to reapply for its trademarks on 'AmigaOS' and the Boing Ball, and they expired.


    Before they could recover from this epic fail, Cloanto moved in, presumably to save them from going to IP squatters. IP squatters other than Hyperion.

    Mysteriously, the 'Amiga Forever' trademark just got registered by 'Monard Law', the same law company that Hermans works for. Presumably to either gain leverage on Cloanto, or to threaten them directly. That has all the pettiness we've come to know from Ben.



    If Ben has used Monard's resources without their permission for this, he's going to end up in prison.

    Workbench with only a capital "W" as well.

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