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    > Timothy has been with Hyperion since the early days (and in director position since the
    > incorporation of Hyperion Entertainment CVBA in 2009).

    There's some confirming information directly from the horse's mouth:

    "[...] the knowledge that Hyperion VOF was actually a Belgian company [...] led me to first become a betatester, then shareholder, and meanwhile a manager. [...] Hyperion Entertainment CVBA officially has 2 directors and several shareholders."

    There're also some statements which conflict with facts:

    "we took over development of AmigaOS 4 in 2001 [...]. [...] With the demise of Jim Collas at Gateway Hyperion stepped in to take over development of AmigaOS in order to secure its future."

    Jim Collas leaving Gateway was in 1999, not 2001. Many things happened in the 2 years between Collas' departure in September 1999 and Hyperion overtaking OS4 development in October 2001, such as release of OS3.5, sale of Amiga IP from Gateway to Amino / Amiga Inc. Washington, focus shift from AmigaOS to AmigaDE, release of OS3.9, Amiga Inc's own failed OS4 project (with Hyperion responsible for 3D graphics subsystem) etc. I wonder what's Hyperion's agenda pretending these 2 years didn't happen.

    "The license to Worms Armageddon [...] would need to be renegotiated after all this time. [...] with the collapse of Gateway, a lot of good intentions died with these plans."

    Yet, in April 2000 (i.e. months after Gateway sold Amiga), Hyperion announced an early beta version of Worms Armageddon for Q2/2000. And claiming Gateway collapsed when it sold the Amiga IP to Amino / Amiga Inc. Washington is beyond funny.
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