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    redrumloa wrote:
    Hmm.. Are things going south between A-Eonkit and HYPErion too?

    As seen on Facebook Commodore Amiga page:


    Okay - two days of email with AmigaKit and Hyperion about re-issue of my AmigaOS 4.1 Class PPC serial number - story so far - AmigaKit says contact Hyperion, Hyperion says contact AmigaKit - call me crazy, but I see a pattern emerging ...

    I'm pretty sure that Amigakit used to record the serial number on the customers file but that was when OS4.x came in a card box with no shrink wrap. With the current FE release there is no way of knowing the serial until you break the seal. To issue a new serial Amigakit would have to essentially give him a free copy so it's only Hyperion could give him a new product key.

    I don't know the circumstances behind their apparent loss of the serial but the responsibility of keeping it safe and registering the product surely lies with the customer. Hyperion could give him a new one out of good will but they are not legally required to do so.

    How would you have handled a situation like this as a dealer? How do you determine if the story is genuine or if they're trying to pull a fast one?
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