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    Jim wrote:
    And you guys are enjoying this a little too much.
    The whole situation is kind of sad, two old dogs, neither of which has much claim in the matter, fighting over a bone with no meat left on it.

    How can we not pay attention? It's more like 2 bums arguing over 3 day old, warm, half full can of beer. You know you shouldn't look but you can't turn away ;-)

    But seriously, it is an IP that is probably of universal interest regardless of what Amiga-like flavor someone uses in 2016. Everything originates from the Commodore Amiga, and that ended at OS3.1. At least Cloanto has been there since almost the beginning, adding some value along the way. HYPErion? It just smacks of them seeing a cash grab, regardless of how little that cash may be in practice.

    What a shame though. You have companies like Atari basically open sourcing everything historical,and then there's the Amiga that companies have tried to milk pennies from for 2 decades now.

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