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    redrumloa wrote:
    Has Cloanto officially taken exception to HYPErion's OS3.1 fork? It looks like this is being discussed as a matter of fact now.


    That this turns out to be a "Hyperion vs. Cloanto" fight is just sad. It would make much more sense to keep development under a common umbrella.

    Have any new info Andreas?

    Hmm, maybe I'm wrong in this, but didn't that "purchase OS4.1 as digital download" link on Hyperion's website take you to Cloanto's webshop before, where you could buy OS4 for PowerUP/UAE PPC? It still takes you to their webshop, but I can't seem to find OS4 there? I think I recall seeing it there a couple of days ago though, when I was looking for Cloanto's Workbench package for Amigas, but maybe I'm hallucinating...? Or maybe it was never there, but somewhere else...? Anyone remembers...?
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