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    Jim wrote:

    I had to look that word up, intense Andreas, seriously.

    More simply, yes, its misspelled.

    Although that price is good.
    And I have no problem with Hyperion using the sources it has to recompile OS 3.1.
    Unlike Cloanto's 'enhancements', this seems like a pretty basic straight forward product.

    As far as I do remember, license they won in the end of AmigaInc court was also for use and distribution of AmigaOS 3.x (ending with 3.1 as last CBM product). So its a bit expectable, to generate retro-revenue, plus no much sweat (in terms of real enhancements usable for real 68k or Vampre users).

    It generated either much anger (no need, anyone can use their CBM style KS and WB)or too high expectations (that they will develop OS 3.x further, beyond possibility of backporting Enhancer and PPaint and maybe some more AEON products).

    Knowing pace AmigaOS 4.x develops, even if it would be true, that would be ... slooow.

    And if I would go Vampire ways, a bit patched Real AmiKit and AROS 68k would be all I need.

    For OS 3.9 purists, there have been unofficial BoingBags 3&4 - similar to what AmiKit did - a AmiNet packages that extend OS 3.x functionality close to OS 4.x levels.
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