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    Some of us have an interest in 68k Amiga's as well, not just MorphOS. This is IMHO a highly relevant topic, given the upcoming Commodore A1200 Reloaded (this one has awakened a renewed interest in 68k Amiga in me at least), and that Individual Computers supposedly has licensed the OS from Hyperion, not from Cloanto.


    Fair enough but my point was different. This topic might be (and already is looking at the title) another occasion to slander hyperion and I'm just tired of another topic where people throws BS on them (like X5000 topic). This forum is more like aw.net these days. It doesn't help to our community at all.

    +1 ;)

    A rabid hatred of Ben Hermans isn't going to change the composition of our community.
    And OS4 isn't going away.
    Further, with their developments in Radeon HD video card drivers and OpenGL ES they are gaining ground on us.
    So we can talk about the future as much as we like, or our supposed superiority, but the real choice comes down to promoting further development of MorphOS or giving up.
    I, for one, am not in favor of the latter.

    AND...if I needed a legitimate copy of 3.1, I'd be willing to buy it from Hyperion.
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