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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    Yes, I guess "original source code" in this context means Olaf "olsen" Barthel's ANSI C port. I see now that this is probably what you meant with "rewritten code" in your previous posting.

    Indeed. Original sources rewritten in another language to achieve the same API's and functionality (kind of like MorphOS, minus the fact that MorphOS developers didn't have access to those original sources). In other words, the same ported and cleaned 3.1 sources that allegedly was once used as a foundation for OS4, but now compiled for 68k.

    To reconnect with Yasu's question above: In my books, the Cloanto 3.1 binaries are original 3.1 binaries (with a handful of exceptions). They are the same, hence they work exactly the same. The Hyperion 3.1 binaries however are not the original binaries. They are new ones, based on rewritten/ported sources, a fact that can have two outcomes: 1) They don't "feel" genuine from a retro nerds or preservationists point of view (especially not with that boing ball instead of the check mark), and 2) the small differences could (not saying they will, but potentially they could) introduce slightly different behavior and maybe even incompatibilities issues (impossible to predict, depending on SW/applications used etc).
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