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    I hope this isnt just a way to make a quick buck. but in OS4 land this is business as usual. look at PPaint, Multiview...
    i'd love to see an updated 3.1 kick with >4GB support

    From the mentioned "feature list", I'm not impressed. Highlighted features include replacing the check mark with a boing ball and updated copyright information!

    I think they're taking the opportunity to to make some sales from the emulation and FPGA market than to create an update for people with 3.1 already.

    That would entirely fit with the distribution method.
    Had they been targetting Amiga (hardware) users then the distribution of kickstart would be (at least optionally) on a physical medium.

    Targetting 68K is - the platform with 10.000-100,000 rather than a few hundred - makes far more sense if one is trying to keep Hyperion afloat. Having at least one active income stream is more sane than the previous position, and a complete U-turn on Hyperion's previous customer relationship strategy (buy PPC or die!).

    I would guess that was one of Costel's initiatives.

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