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    rob wrote:

    I think they're taking the opportunity to to make some sales from the emulation and FPGA market than to create an update for people with 3.1 already. I don't think they're trying to create the illusion of it being something else. It's not like they called it 3.2.
    It makes sense for a cash strapped company like Hyperion to make use of IP they have access too. You'll recall that the A-EON 3.1 ROMs that various dealers now sell are licensed from Hyperion. Jens also got a license from Hyperion to bundle 1.3 and 3.1 ROMs with the ACA-500 and future accelerators and the deal also grants him access to the source code for the IDE driver.

    I understand all that, but this raises a bunch of questions.

    Don't Cloanto actually own 1.0-3.1 with Hyperion only having a limited grandfathered license? Haven't Cloanto pretty much covered the market with digital versions, and licensed to A-Eonkit for physical versions? Now Hyperion are also selling a digital version? Their license allows them to sub-license? Wouldn't this cannibalize on sales from Cloanto/A-Eonkit? I guess we'll find out soon enough if Cloanto is on board with this. They have no problem defending their IP. If we hear nothing, all parties are in agreement.

    From a user/consumer perspective this creates a whole lot of confusion.

    On one hand you have an "enhanced" OS3.1 from Cloanto/A-eonkit, but it is still called 3.1.
    On the other hand you have an "enhanced" OS3.1 from HYPErion, but it is still called 3.1

    So there are now at least 3 versions of AmigaOS 3.1, even though by naming they are just calling it Workbench 3.1. Each version has nuances the others don't.

    If all parties are on board with what each other are doing, why the disconnect? Why not change the numbering even slightly? Obviously it not a big enough change for even 3.2, but maybe 3.101?

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