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    I hope this isnt just a way to make a quick buck. but in OS4 land this is business as usual. look at PPaint, Multiview...
    i'd love to see an updated 3.1 kick with >4GB support

    From the mentioned "feature list", I'm not impressed. Highlighted features include replacing the check mark with a boing ball and updated copyright information!

    I think they're taking the opportunity to to make some sales from the emulation and FPGA market than to create an update for people with 3.1 already. I don't think they're trying to create the illusion of it being something else. It's not like they called it 3.2.
    It makes sense for a cash strapped company like Hyperion to make use of IP they have access too. You'll recall that the A-EON 3.1 ROMs that various dealers now sell are licensed from Hyperion. Jens also got a license from Hyperion to bundle 1.3 and 3.1 ROMs with the ACA-500 and future accelerators and the deal also grants him access to the source code for the IDE driver.
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