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    So it seems HYPErion made some minimal changes to OS3.1 and is selling it.

    They aren't calling it AmigaOS3.1 though, they are calling it Workbench 3.1 (and Kickstart 3.1). This is getting confusing now. I thought the Workbench name was owned by Cloanto? I thought OS3.1 was actually owned by Cloanto also! I thought HYPErion only had a license to the old code, but not to sell individually? Maybe not?

    Hasn't Cloanto/A-Eonkit already started selling a slightly updated OS3.1? How does the HYPE version compare? Is the HYPE version even legal?

    My brain hurts. Seeing a HYPErion copyright on OS3.1 is pretty shit too :-(
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