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    > a T2080 is only about $150 more than a P1022...

    Current pricing at distributors looks different than years ago. Lowest single-quantity prices I can find now are about 100 USD for 1.2 GHz P1022 and about 200 USD for 1.8 GHz T2080. Seems P1022 price has about doubled over the years, but I believe A-Eon stocked up with P1022 chips when it was still cheap.

    >>> then now would be a good time to look at adapting
    >>> Acube's T2080 laptop board design

    >> There is no T2080 laptop board design yet, just schematics

    > As to 'only' having the schematics, hey, I'm actually surprised it got that far.

    Yes, it's just there's no work on board design started yet that could be adapted for anything.

    > a specific chassis was discussed awhile ago.

    This may be, but a week ago there was still no decision arrived at, as reported in the linked status update.
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