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    >> yes [...], two developers [...] either have them or at least were offered the boards.

    >Backpedaling? :-)

    Not necessarily backpedaling, I was told two were received.
    I just have this bad habit (probably from my business training) of always adding qualifiers.


    >...as well as a standard FPU and AltiVec SIMD :-)

    Yes, that does make a difference, doesn't it?

    Since the Soc is only part of the board pricing equation, and a T2080 is only about $150 more than a P1022...

    As to 'only' having the schematics, hey, I'm actually surprised it got that far. And as to chassis, that does complicate board layout, but a specific chassis was discussed awhile ago.

    If I could have dragged Bill Buck into this, sourcing a chasis might be easier. After all, he used to make laptops and even had prototypes of a low cost model made by a Mexican firm ATTO. If new C64 and Amiga cases can be made, a laptop case is only a bit more complicated.
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