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    Kronos wrote:

    Jim wrote:

    It wasn't a "brainfart", it was a poorly thought out, flat-out badly researched decision.

    Well tell us then how you would define a "brainfart" ;)

    Kronos, a "brainfart" is a mistake made in a moment from of lack of consideration.
    This was researched and planned out...badly.
    A brainfart can be excused, this supposedly thought out decision was fatal to the project and can't be.
    Maybe some will be foolish enough to buy Tabor to run OS4 on. It will be a weak OS4 system and a poor basis for a Linux system as an ARM or X64 based system (OR an X5000) will walk all over it.

    And yes Andreas, while its inconsiderate of me to repeat it, two developers you are well familiar with either have them or at least were offered the boards.

    If Tabor hasn't received significant parts investment or a large number of boards manufactured, then now would be a good time to look at adapting Acube's T2080 laptop board design to a mini ITX desktop board.
    50% faster clock, twice the cores, four times the concurrent threads, better Soc I/O, and a 64bit CPU (not 32 bit).
    Or, again, considering investing in a T10XX design.

    Tabor was and is a bad/stupid design, poorly suited for our market (and weak for any other).
    Outside of trusting Ben Herman's, I'd consider it Trevor's first major mis-step.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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