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    > in private a couple have admitted to actually receiving them

    Interesting :-)

    > it was a poorly thought out, flat-out badly researched decision.

    As shown in comments #314 and #318, Trevor actually asked the core OS4 developers for their opinion, who told him that the e500v2's non-standard FPU would pose no real issue and could be worked around. Seems this was sufficient for him to go forward with the project, even in light of the prior UltimatePPC fiasco and all the public discussions around it, which he surely was aware of.

    > that Soc under Linux had support for its FPU

    Yes, and add the fact that the Linux ecosystem is mostly source-based so that binaries are easily adapted to the target hardware by compilation, whereas the Amiga one is mostly based on distributing pre-compiled binaries with no public source available, making emulation inevitable in case of incompatibilities.
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