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    KennyR wrote:
    Tabor has died now. It is dead. Money has been spent and wasted, and there's no longer money left to spend getting it back on track, even if there was a suitable CPU.

    Please don't keep banging on about it like OS4 on the Playstation, TroikaNG, or any of the other hardware boards that never happened. Please just let it die in peace.

    One hopes so. Once I found out what Soc it was based on, I wanted no part of it. In private, ALL MorphOS developers I've discussed this board with want no part of it.
    The fact that it might perform as well as a SAM460 is irrelevant as that performance level is barely adequate and was surpassed by the first system Aeon released.
    I wholly support the X5000, and would love to see support for Power 9 based Raptor engineering boards.
    But...if you want a cheap board, then it should be based on NXP's T10XX Socs, plain and simple.
    Moving back to a 32 bit CPU with a non-standard floating point unit is just plain stupid.
    Again, it's like buying lime green polyester slacks from a discount store.
    If they really wanted to screw you, they'd sell you two for the same price.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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