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    > This is assuming Hyperion will provide the Tabor version
    > of OS4 compiled for SPE in the relevant parts.

    Seems they will. Hyperion director Costel "Cyborg" Mincea says (Google translation):

    "modern compilers, like the GCC and probably also vbcc, use FPU instructions automatically for optimization, since the FPU is simply much faster in floating-point calculations (logically), but also already with many integer operations. So far in all NG machines was a CPU with neat FPU, so that was always applied. This means that in EVERY piece of software that has been translated with GCC for AmigaOS, there are tons of FPU instructions. Also in virtually every component of AmigaOS itself. So every little pup needs to get through the FPU emulation. At least the hotspots in AmigaOS therefore have to be remodeled and built especially for SPE (and thus with middle-aged GCCs, because newer SPE's no longer support) so as not to keep the handbrake energized with full force"
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