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    koszer wrote:

    CMTX wrote:
    VoxelNoid works fluently at 720p with all settings to max on my mdd g4 1.25 soooo...

    Oh yeah? But does it get anywhere near the spectacular count of 1075037508 FPS? LOL...
    The issue described by Daytona will make porting for Tabor oh-so-more-funny for the devs.


    Three Tower57 port Tabor fun facts:

    - the latest SPE build reaches up to 80 fps. This simply demolishs the sam460ex, factor 2.

    - when running the latest FPU (!) build on the Tabor it reaches up to 40 fps (!) (old OS version, first fpu-emu).

    - when running the latest FPU build on the sam460ex it reaches up to 40 fps.
    So the Tabor is even en par with the sam460 if running the version which is incompatible with its FPU :)

    And before you say sth. a la "then you optimized away most fpu instructions"...
    Wrong, think, man, think - and don't forget that the SPE build runs twice as fast... Yeah, the SPE is a pretty fast FPU unit indeed, but looking at the emu-speed that whole A1222 delivers (y)

    Still anybody out there making up stories about the A1222's performance compared to the SAMs or about the power of the SPE? LOL


    Yes, I know: VoxelNoid and VoxelBird on Tabor are nice, but I suppose most of you were curious about Wings ;)

    And here it is:
    The current Wings Remastered Demo (no, it's not finished yet) build, compiled for SPE, running on the Tabor.

    As being said before the Warp3D driver still contains FPU code (which ironically is actually inside to improve performance on systems with standard FPU) which is the cause for severe performance penalties because it constantly triggers the exception-based FPU emulation.

    But even then: as you can see everything but strafing and dogfight run smooth as butter, and even those two mission types are still playable! The Tabor is certainly a pretty powerful beast if unleashed!

    Now imagine if that driver was modified to not trigger the emulation anymore...

    As always with the Tabor videos here: the sound-driver is not done yet, therefore nothing but silence for now, unfortunately.

    So it's not all doom and gloom after all.

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