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    >> A-Eonkit will be selling a Raspberry Pi class motherboard

    > tabor is not like a pi in performances just because a pi3 overkill it.

    There are various Raspberry Pi models with CPUs ranging from 700 MHz single-core ARMv6 to 1.2 GHz quad-core ARMv8, where the latter should be over twice as fast as the former on per-core basis alone. So talking about "Raspberry Pi class" or similar without specifying the model doesn't make sense anyway.
    Tabor is definitely way faster than all Raspberry Pi 1 models (700 MHz ARMv6). Regarding quad-core Raspberry Pi 2 (900 MHz, ARMv7 initially, ARMv8 in later revisions), Tabor should be faster on per-core base but is slower in SMP. Comparing against quad-core Raspberry Pi 3 (1.2 GHz ARMv8), one's as good/bad as the other on a per-core base, so Tabor obviously loses in SMP.

    > this is the imx6 board from freescale with arm cpu

    No, this is a board from FEDEVEL/VOIPAC with an ARM-based i.MX6 CPU from NXP :-)

    > dont think you will have this performances on tabor

    The i.MX6 used on the board is a quad-core, yes. Comparing the 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 and the 1.2 GHz e500v2 on a per-core base, one's as good/bad as the other.

    > are you sure than a-cube made the tabor or do something about?

    As is well known, the Tabor has been designed by Varisys. Regarding the ACube connection:

    "Working in cooperation with ACube srl, a beta test programme is about to commence"

    ...and there was this in 2013:


    ...and this in 2015:

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