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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > It will be interesting to see how the whole issue of the P1022's spe fpu plays out.
    > In software specifically compiled for the A1222, no problem, BUT...

    A year later and Daniel "Daytona675x" Müßener posts "a good demonstration of why you must not mix FPU and SPE code as soon as floating point values are involved" (i.e. mixing as in SPE-compiled executable calls FPU-compiled library or vice versa):


    Daniel Müßener: "Note: VoxelNoid is barely playable (if shadowing is turned off it's okay) on the Tabor as of now, the Warp3D SI driver is simply doing to much stuff internally that involves FPU instructions and therefore constantly and frequently triggers the emulation.

    My tests revealed that this is apparently due to FPU-register-based memcpy (when drawing vertex data and when uploading textures) and RGBA-color-format-conversions from packed uint32 to unpacked float[4] done using FPU code.
    Hans has been informed, hopefully his time allows it to make the respective code more Tabor-friendly soon "

    "Barely playable", and we are not exactly talking about Star Wars Battlefront 2.

    And so it begins, the parallel development of both "normal" code and "franken-code", just to satisfy a small group of customers with a one-time-deal HW that will never see the sun again.

    It makes so much sense that only Amiga makes it possible!


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