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    Kronos wrote:
    Nah, don't get to mean.

    If it's running code compiled for it's FPU it will outperform a Peg2.
    If that code can use both cores it will even outperform most G4 Macs (Dual >1.5Ghz may be the exception).
    If it can be made to run stable with Amiga-code (big if here) it will perform somewhere between SAM440 and 460, aka way byond Efika.

    I don't mean to be mean at all. I take the FPU will be essentially emulated and that is what 99.x% of all OS4 software that hits the FPU will have to deal with. Wouldn't this drag the performance down to Efika level?

    Granted you are probably right about software that doesn't require FPU, it will be somewhere around Sam460 level. Sam460 performance isn't exactly a smoker.

    Also, someone please remind me if the Tabor CPU has Altivec?
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