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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > morphos is [...] too slow

    Really? It feels way faster than OSX or Linux on the same machine.

    And it's not only GUI and usability which is faster on MorphOS, but also the tasks which are mostly based on the raw power/performance. For example video playback is much faster on MorphOS than on OSX. We once made some tests on Mac mini and came to conclusion, that MorphOS plays the same video with about 20% less CPU load, and since then, the MorphOS gfx drivers were optimized more giving about 20% boost to its video playback performance (overlay optimizing introduced some versions again). So, the speed difference is even greater nowadays.


    ppcamiga1 wrote:
    Amiga is hobby. Hobby may not be super cheap but has to be interesting.

    Amiga OS 4/Morphos are interesting because they

    a) run on something that is not a pc
    b) provide integration with old 68k software

    I don't agree with a) either. It hasn't been about the HW that much since you started to put PC components in your classic Amigas (gfx cards, audio cards, network cards, USB cards, etc). And definitely not after going to "next gen" where almost everything is based to industry standards. PC as a HW isn't any problem nowadays like it used to be in early 90s.

    b) has been my major reason to get into MorphOS, so I agree there.


    If you want people to support your idea of "switch" to x86 you have to provide something
    worth resignation from

    a) runnnig on something that is not a pc
    b) integration with old 68k software

    a) isn't a problem at all for the most. Maybe even preferrable option generally, because you just can't make that much better HW than mainstream nowadays. The pace on HW development is such quick that it's just impossible to try to compete with the big players. Price is also a point and what people have been complaining with next gen things.

    b) is getting less and less important. Of course I love the compatibility still, but in the coming years it gets more and more marginal because native options are replacing legacy options and legacy software is aging more and more. You won't get legacy 68k software updated anymore and it'll eat their usability with the time.

    Even if MorphOS drops 68k compatibility, it still preserves the amigaish identity and principles how the whole OS works. You still have the familiar structure, components, and usability from the Amiga world, the reason why we all are using this thing. We get new software which still works in Amiga way and old software is actually pretty small part in the big picture.

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