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    Amiga is hobby. Hobby may not be super cheap but has to be interesting.

    Amiga OS 4/Morphos are interesting because they

    a) run on something that is not a pc
    b) provide integration with old 68k software

    If you want people to support your idea of "switch" to x86 you have to provide something
    worth resignation from

    a) runnnig on something that is not a pc
    b) integration with old 68k software

    You have problem because:
    a)We have year 2015 and Amiga OS 4/Morphos/AROS are on pair with Windows 95.
    You cannot expect people to use on pc something as outdated as Windows 95.
    b)There will be not x86 version of many 68k software, because sources are lost.

    Attacks on powerpc and Amiga Os 4 do not make sense.
    As long as you do not have something worth of use on x86 we amiga users will be still using our
    powerpc amigas.
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