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    The only resonable conclusion is to get AmigaOS 4 to _barely_ work with the Tabor card. It seems resonable to believe that the whole point of it is to make a motherboard as cheap as possible. This can be viewed in three ways:

    1. It's good that they try to make something really cheap as hardware for AmigaOS 4 is always expensive, and speed is not an issue anyway. What is important is to be able to use AmigaOS 4 and it's native software. If it can play HD movies or not is not important.

    2. Since I (who ever holds this view) think price/performance is important, I think this board is not only horribly overpriced compared to PC motherboards that is sold in their millions, it's also crippled by a incompatible FPU and therefore even slower, unnecessarily. I want my AmigaOS to be more than just a hobby, I want it to compete with the other OS:es so for me it's important that it doesn't have technical limitations that can't eventually be fixed satisfactory. Come to think about it, let's skip PPC altogether and switch to x86 right away. I bet no one has ever suggested that before.

    3. Don't ever EVER talk bad about anything AmigaOS 4 related. It's all lies. Or if you can prove it's no lies it's not important. If it's important, then ... yeah ... well you SUCK!

    So it's either a toy, a hopeless mistake or religion. The first view I can respect because then it's clearly a hobby. The second I can respect if you don't mock people for having the first view. The third view is just noise.
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