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    > There are 3 major players here, Acube, A-Eonkit and HYPErion, all 3 have a stake in this board.

    Spectre660 also mentioned Varisys:


    My question whether Varisys is the board designer remained unanswered. Varisys already offer a P1022-based product, so they have experience with (and maybe also stock of) this chip:


    On the other hand, if Varisys is the designer, what's ACube's role in this?

    > it reminds me of the Netbook fiasco from a few years back. [...] There are a lot
    > of parallels. [...]

    I don't see the parallels. The LimeBook Z9 was a third-party product existing completely independent of OS4, whereas the Tabor board has been created with the intention of running OS4 in the first place.

    > Speculation was the port was being pushed since Limebooks were available at
    > the time for liquidation on Alibaba. Did the same thing happen with this CPU?

    I don't think this makes sense. The parts cost of the SoC is just too low compared to the overall BOM and design costs.
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