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    Everblue wrote:
    Yes you are right, but if important things like compatibility, FPU etc. isn't considered, it might jeopardise the OS, or severely limit it, as what seems the case.

    I wonder who is the driving the technological push for the OS4 camp? There are 3 major players here, Acube, A-Eonkit and HYPErion, all 3 have a stake in this board. Who's idea was it that this was a good idea? It seems like a no-brainer that this is a terrible idea considering OS4 will be seriously crippled on an already underwhelming board.

    The reason I wonder who is behind it is because it reminds me of the Netbook fiasco from a few years back. That seemed to be driven by Hermans/HYPErion. There are a lot of parallels. It was an underwhelming product that many outside the OS4 Kommunity said wouldn't end well, and in the end it was canned. Speculation was the port was being pushed since Limebooks were available at the time for liquidation on Alibaba. Did the same thing happen with this CPU?

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