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    Everblue wrote:
    I really doubt A-EON would create a motherboard that doesn't even support Amiga OS4. To be fair, A-EON never said anything about Tabor (or at least I never read anything official), so it might just be a prototype board which will never be released for commercial users.

    A-Eonkit/Acube would not be showing the hardware unless they fully intended to sell it with OS4. There simply is no market for PPC Linux on such hardware with horrorshow price/performance ratio. Linux is ported to verify the hardware is functional and to give OS4 users something to dual boot with that actually works. OS4 Kommunity is probably the only retro hobbyist market that would sell even a single board with this price/performance ratio. Somehow they managed to make the Sam460cr look like a bargain in comparison!

    Problem is, who exactly is going to buy into this lunacy? What little I've read on the corporate sites is tepid at best. It seems even most current OS4 users are scratching their head about this and cold to the idea. Even the handful of supporters mostly sound lukewarm. How many boards can they possibly sell when even your target audience isn't interested?

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